Austin Howlett Paints Giants Living Among Us

What makes an artist truly an artist? Is it the ability to draw skillfully, between the lines, exactly as the teacher taught? Is it practicing hours and hours on end, for years and years straight? From a technical standpoint, yes—it’s crucial for an artist to have the foundational skills to back up his or her vision. But, friends, being an artist is about so much more than just that.

Austin Howlett, a man with nearly 77,000 followers on Instagram, is the perfect example of a true artist. Beyond his obvious technical skillset, the young man has a vision for what he wants his art to say. A surrealist painter by trade, his art sends messages that are warming to the soul. It’s not hard to see why so many people are falling in love with his works!

What can one gather from a work of art that depicts a giant lying down gracefully amongst mountains? Is it perhaps to say that we are all, in fact, giants in disguise? Giants in heart, giants in soul, giants in spirit? This is but one interpretation and the beauty is that it’s open for anyone to interpret it as they see fit.

If you scroll through Howlett’s page and find yourself getting inspired by his work, why not give him a follow? A little extra inspiration each day never hurts a soul!