These Mini Street Artworks Hide in Plain Sight

When we think of street art, we usually imagine murals covering buildings or graffiti sprayed across the entire wall that immediately capture the attention. However, not all street artists want their works to be easily noticeable. For example, British street artist JPS sometimes likes to hide his artworks in plain sight.

Aside from his large-scale pieces, JPS also creates small street artworks, which he calls “mini pieces.” They are strategically placed in the urban environment, sometimes interacting with their surroundings in an amusing way. 

JPS often uses pop culture as inspiration for his mini-pieces. This includes scenes from movies like Pulp Fiction and RoboCop and works inspired by video games like Grand Theft Auto and Mortal Kombat.  

 JPS creates his mini artworks using stencils and spray paint, with each one being the size of a regular lighter. According to the artist, the process is more demanding compared to large-scale art since it requires multiple layers and great precision. However, he still manages to pack a great amount of detail, making each mini-piece a hidden treasure for anyone who accidentally discovers it.

JPS has planted these intriguing mini pieces across his hometown of Bristol, UK, and in various other cities in Europe and the United States. But considering they might be hard to spot for most people, he also happily shares them on his social media. Check out more of them below.