Behind the Scenes Stories of Beautiful Instagram Photos

People who are used to spending time in front of the Instagram news feed are certainly used to crossing all kinds of photos. Selfies, holiday photos, and more or less successful montages. But there are also a lot of pictures of great quality. Instagram is the perfect network for photographers who want to show their works to as many people as possible. Some people are not professionals with a studio and optimal shooting conditions, but this should not prevent their photos from achieving greatness.

Calob Castellon is a photographer and graphic designer based in Calipatria, California. He shows us in quite interesting series of images that with a touch of creativity some knowledge in photo editing, everything is possible. His “behind the scenes” series also underscores that we should not believe everything we can see behind the perfect pictures of social networks.

To achieve similar results, first of all, you have to find an unexpected place, for example, in front of a star-studded TV screen, a cash machine that acts as a time machine or just sitting in front of a fridge. We particularly appreciate the pictures in front of a television screen, giving the impression at first that a person is heading towards a sort of vortex or a black hole, before realizing that it is simply someone who is reaching for a screen. Next step is creative retouching that can turn a simple photo into a impressive and arresting image.

Check out some of the “behind the scenes” stories by Castellon below. (Click through the Instagram pics to see the final result and the unretouched “initial” photos.)