Couple Shares Hilarious Engagement Photographs

Madison Moxley and Mason Whitis are soulmates. They recently got engaged and wanted to share the news by posting hilarious engagement pictures on Facebook. Both sharing a deep and abiding love for quality humor, they decided to make quirky and fun photographs.

Moxley writes in a post that the couple met on Tinder two years ago and realized how similar they are.

“We learned we were born in the same hospital 2 days apart,” Moxley shared on Facebook. “We’ve been in several rooms together throughout our lives and never knew. We even both got in trouble as children for eating a whole box of Little Debbie brownies in one sitting.

The pair is very honest and open, and don’t like playing relationship “games.”

“Humor has been the centerpiece of our relationship,” she added. “Mason does whatever he can do to make me laugh. You may think these photos were my idea, but Mason is the real mastermind.”

In just couple of days her post got viral: they got more than 9 thousand likes and more than 11 thousand sharing.

Scroll down to see the hilarious photoshoot.