Delve Into Marie Mohanna’s Eerie Landscapes

Marie Mohanna’s imagines the world as an empty but colorful landscape, geometric and lifeless. Her eerie illustration call to mind comic strips, stripped out of their characters. And no wonder.

In an interview to It’s Nice That Mohanna talks about her love for Japanese art and cartoons. Growing up on Sailor Moon, Fist of the North Star, and Pokemon, Mohanna recalls spending hours on end recreating these shows in her drawings.

“I like to place eerie elements in realistic and empty landscapes to give new levels of interpretation,” explained the artist. “When I was working on my first graphic novel I realized I was way more into drawing the surroundings than the people,” she added. “So much so that sometimes I found myself thinking that my characters had ruined my decor – almost as if it was easier to express myself through the scenery than the figures… I eventually realised I had a real thing for landscapes and architecture and I embraced it fully.”

You can explore her whimsical landscapes in her Instagram page.