Divine Metal Sculptures By Ian Fichman

Ian Fichman is a sculptor and illustrator located in Miami, Florida. He was introduced to metalwork in 2002. Fichman was free to explore many possibilities of this art medium, and he found fulfilment in manufacturing things with his own hands. In 2010, after thoroughly researching possibilities in digital arts, he returned to sculpture. He began working as a technician at the San Diego State University, which gave him unlimited access to the sculpture lab, and that’s where he developed his style.  

He says about his work that it is a “sardonic narrative of human existence.” Piece by piece, he builds assembled sculptures and brings them to life. His sculptures usually have bodies built around skeletal structures which depict the framework of our being.  

The artist wants to communicate human kinship through the shared struggles of our endeavours. The sculptures are usually faceless, made of manufactured steel, and holding objects that tell a story about their personas, ambitions, emotions. They are are juxtaposed and demonstrate “the overbearing irony of the fact that our most authentic desire is actually the desire itself.” Deeply committed to his passion, Ian now works full-time as a sculptor and is constantly looking for fresh ideas and new opportunities. 

Take a look at his peculiar sculptures.