Flowers and Plants Grow Out of Ceramics in the Works of Kaori Kurihara

Kaori Kurihara is a Japanese artist who creates unique ceramic pieces that are bound to capture attention thanks to their unusual shapes and astonishing amount of detail.

Each of Kurihara’s works consists of a base with intriguing patterns and twists, resembling a fruit found in nature but featuring elements of creative freedom. From them, beautiful flowers and other parts emerge, adding another layer of complexity to each piece.

On her website, Kurihara says that plants and their growth provide her with an endless source of inspiration. Sometimes, she even grows plants in her studio, observing each stage to get a better insight into the process.

“I take inspiration from the plant world with particular attention to forms and their geometric repetition, “Kurihara says about her works. “Every element of nature seems to repeat itself, but in fact, there is an infinite variety of it. I have the deep desire to make concrete the fruits represented in my mind and to be able to contemplate them through my own eyes.”

Kurihara, who is currently working out of her studio in Paris, France, frequently shares her new ceramic pieces on social media. Scroll down to check out more of them.