For the Love of Jeans: This Shop Sells Upcycled Denim

As fashion trends come and go, one thing that never goes out of fashion is denim. Los Angeles based fashion designer, known simply as Fox, knows best. Together with her husband, Jeff, she runs Foxhole—an exclusive denim shop based in Sunset Blvd, LA, where you’ll find recycled denim and one of a kind pieces.

“Denim is arguably the most amazing fabric ever created,” remarked Fox in an interview with Matter of Hand. “It was created so long ago. It has such a history. I love the development of where it was in the beginning, from people working their asses off in the field building railroads, to the elite not touching it – that only happened within the last 15 or 20 years.” 

“Jeans are such a special garment so it just makes me so happy when people say these jeans make them feel so good,” she adds. “I like to know that people are happy and feeling good. I don’t like making money just to make money. I like making money to have people feel good about themselves, and to build something special.” Fox practices what she preaches. Indeed, the store’s slogan is “when you look good, we feel great.” And under her talented hands, you know you’re going to look great.

A fourth-generation retail entrepreneur, she was raised in a home of rockers, where she naturally fell in love with denim. She grew up to work in design, traveling to places like New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Shanghai, and Paris. All the while, she has also been repairing, repurposing, and recycling denim for friends and family. It was only a matter of time (and, with a further push from Jeff), that she turned her passion into a booming business.

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