Here’s What Happens When An Artist Is Having Fun With Shadows

Image via vincent_bal/Instagram

Sometimes the shadows of everyday objects have a life of their own and give interesting ideas to artists. For the Belgian illustrator Vincent Bal, everything begins with a shadow: the shadows dropped by everyday objects create whimsical doodles. The artist posts many ideas in the form of Instagram snapshots, but continues to enjoy himself — and viewers — with the shadows and lights through short videos.

His interest in shadows happened by chance a few years ago, then turned to a hobby and later to a full-blown art project named Shadowology, in which the artist creates drawings around shadow shapes from ordinary objects. His approach does not rely on details or technicalities but has quite a big great visual impact: the shadow of an hourglass turns into a depressive customer, a Duralex glass becomes an ice floe inhabited by a polar bear, or cymbals are in fact a simple pincer.

With the sun as his accomplice, the illustrator who thinks of himself as “procrastinator,” has entered a radical new direction in his art, and it doesn’t seem like he plans to stop.