Hilarious Ads Featuring Your Favorite Superheroes

A good commercial makes an impression, but an excellent commercial makes you get up off your sofa and run to the store to buy the thing you never needed in first place. The power of marketing is undeniably huge and influences every area of our lives, including what we eat, how we dress, what we do for fun and what we watch on TV. Now imagine your all-time favorite superhero in a witty advert that’s so good you just have to share it with all your friends.

Well, the Russian Illustrator Lesya Guseva has made that happen. She turned her amazing ideas into funny illustrations, creating ads where famous superheroes from different popular movies, cartoons and comics have the lead role.

For example, you’ll see Aquamen in a shampoo commercial, even though the artist’s original idea was to have him advertise Aquamaris nasal spray. Next you have Iron Man doing… well, ironing? Tony Stark is obviously the best attention-grabbing choice for advertising irons. And who better to star in a watch commercial other than Doctor Strange himself?

It appears that Lesya has found the perfect combination of style, humor and imagination that made us laugh and realize we really need more commercials like this.