Irene Raspollini’s Characters are Forever Blushing

Irene Raspollini’s portraits have distinct characteristics. Mostly centered around women, her characters are painted with dramatic blushes that make them appear either flustered or forever blushing. With a love of both pop culture and kitsch, her artwork has a tongue-in-cheek quality to it that’s well-intended. In other words: it’s all fun and games.

But this particular style took Raspollini some time, and much trial and error, to develop.“As a self-taught artist, my practice evolved a bit randomly at the beginning,” Raspollini admits in a piece published on Artsy Shark. “As soon as I decided to take my art more seriously, I worked systematically to improve my skills, and above all to find my own style and narrative.”

Her hard work seems to have paid off. Based in Italy, her work has been exhibited locally, as well as the UK, Mexico, China, Taiwan, Russia, the US, and Austria. It is also featured in public and private collections around the globe.

Her tools of choice include anything from acrylics and watercolors to tile mosaics. Recent portraits also introduced augmented reality techniques into her work, which she admits adds a layer of whimsicality to her work. “It was really a pleasure to see the audience’s reaction when I presented these works in London,” she writes. “I’m pretty sure that this technology will be used more in the art world in the near future.”

In the meantime, follow her work on Instagram.