Jane Foster’s Creative Passion is Overwhelming

Jane Foster is a Renaissance woman through and through. After a successful career in music, she decided to mix things up in her late 30s. Now her career includes illustrating, writing, and textile designing, amongst other things. Based in South Devon, she spends much of her time illustrating books and working on licensing designs, as well as running her own shop online, where she sells a small range of products that she creates.

“It’s been quite an exciting adventure so far!” she exclaimed on her website. Indeed, with almost 40k followers on Instagram and recognition from art institutions as well as commercial brands, Foster has a lot going on for her. But it took her some time (and grit) to get to where she is today.

“I’m very self-critical and worry a lot so it’s quite bizarre in some ways that I left the security of a teaching career (in music) to carve out a new career in an area which is so precarious,” she shared with Creative Boom. “However, I also think the uncertainty drives me on and makes me determined to make my life work out.”

“My purpose in life is to bring joy into other people’s lives by creating happy illustrations for children’s books, wall art, mugs, and other products,” she notes. Her work might just be that extra push you needed to launch your creative career.