Julien Tabet’s surrealist animals that look like Dali paintings

Image by @julien.tabet / Instagram

French artist Julien Tabet has created a world that defies the laws of nature. In search of a metaphorical representation of life, he strives to constantly surprise people. His art doesn’t include the usual animals or human beings, but transfers you into a quite different universe where each creature has layers, both literally and metaphorically.

In his artistic approach, the artist follows the style of the surrealist movement and is mostly inspired by René Magritte. The protagonists of his digital paintings mixing photography and digital art, are mostly animals: deer, giraffes, cats, tigers, birds, dogs, but they look like no creatures we’ve seen. Tabet’s characters have skin that is detached or transparent, showing a whole universe hidden inside.

The digital artist shares regularly his creations on his Instagram account. He has also released numerous videos showing the steps of the laborious process behind those fantastic images.