The Unbelievable Body Art Optical Illussions of Johannes Stötter

Image by @Johannes Stoetter Art / Facebook

Johannes Stötter is a musician and artist specialized in body painting. Passionate about color and the spiritual nature, he has excelled in body art for many years, and remains one of the leading artists of body art genre, while at the same time is entirely self-taught. Each of his works takes weeks to plan and up to 8 hours to paint. Thanks to the use of UV paints and the staging of two or more assembled painted bodies, these optical illusions give life to true living artistic performances.

The winner of the World Bodypainting Championship in 2012 says that the key to success is to love what you’re doing: he observes the world, nature, colors and shapes with clear eyes and open heart, and painting is his life’s passion. Depending on the subject, he either perfectly hides his models’ lines and curves, or uses them to emphasize the forms he’s trying to create. The most challenging aspect of his installations is concentration on the many aspects — painting realistic, instructing the models how to move and pose to achieve the right position, and of course finding the right animal that can be built using only bodies.

When you see his work, don’t let your eyes decide what they are seeing too quickly!