Katie Wilson’s Whimsical Illustrations Will Calm Your Anxiety

“Breath in, breath out,” invites one illustration by Katie Wilson. Written in bold type, the words are enclosed by flowers and butterflies. These and other reminders are to be expected in Wilson’s Instagram page, a parallel universe filled with critters and flowers, and frankly, a place we’d like to visit in our mind these hectic days.

Working from an old railway house in a small town in Coastal Otago, New Zealand, Wilson says she finds inspiration in nature. This includes her garden, the landscape around her, and her long nature rambles in the surrounding countryside.

Informed by her careful observations, her illustrations focus on the simple, sweet and cozy things in life, creating a warm environment where anyone and everyone is invited. “I think I’ve always drawn and painted,” reflected Wilson in an interview with AWW Magazine. “My mum was always making things so I’m sure it was her influence that made me start drawing.”

“I’ve always loved animals and have always either had dogs or cats or horses or chickens in my life,” she further relayed. “I try to simplify the shapes and textures of the animal whilst still keeping it recognizable. I also try to show its personality through facial features and gestures.”

Her work is featured on a variety of products, anything from stationery and children’s books to toys and clothing. But you can also admire it by simply following her Instagram page.