Love Yourself a Little This Holiday Season

It’s hard not to let the drowsiness of wintertime get to you (especially this time of year), but author, blogger, and designer Dani DiPirro will give you the extra push you need to get up and get going. With a website titled Positively Present, DiPirro uses her online platform to promote positivity, awareness, and self-love – the ingredients needed to get over yourself.

Since launching her website in 2009, her brand has grown into a viral phenomenon, which includes a YouTube channel, an Instagram page, and online courses. Her tips and tips differ in size and shape, sometimes coming in the form of wholly fleshed books, other times resulting in a catchy mantra or meme.

“Someone once said, ‘If you realize how powerful your thoughts are, you would never think a negative thought.’ Positively Present is that quote come to life online,” reads DiPirro’s website. According to DiPirro, “living a ‘positively present’ life means staying in the moment while focusing on the positive in every situation, which can often be difficult when facing the pressures and challenges of everyday life (not to mention the particularly tough times of loss, stress, or heartache!).”

But her uplifting quotes might just be the thing that inspires you to love yourself a little. Here are some helpful reminders courtesy of her Instagram page:

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Still trying! 🙂🌸

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