Marianna Madriz’s Illustrations Are Full of Charm

We’ve fallen hard for Marianna Madriz’s illustrations. Her characters, full of personality and charm, have a relatable, yet cartoonish, quality to them that we totally love.

Originally from Venezuela and currently based in London, UK, Madriz is inspired by realist novels, coming of age films, DIY comics, and personable characters (real or fictional).

Working on a variety of editorial projects as well as childrenʼs books, her client list includes Anorak Magazine, The Arts University Bournemouth,
Bulletin Magazine, and House of Illustration.

“Iʼm fascinated by characters (be it in a novel, or a film, or real life), and I try for my illustrations to have as much personality as possible,” she told Ape on the Moon. “My end goal is to get better at narratives and tell compelling stories, and also to experiment as much as possible.”

She usually works digitally, but every illustration starts with a drawing using color pencils and/or felt tip pens. Check out some of her work below.

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