Twins Impress With Their Cosplays and Nerdy Adventures

Meet twins Chihiro and Chieko who love dressing to express their love for fandom and cosplay. The 11-year-old girls, use their impressive and accurate costumes to impersonate different characters. They have been doing this ever since they were 3 years old.

Their parents support what they do and dedicate their time to properly reference photos and to find fitting materials for the perfect costumes. The apparition of twins as Weeping Angels from Doctor Who was so realistic that the participants of the convention could hardly believe they weren’t real statues.

The twins have been able to express their art and the same time have a lot of fun. Their work has gained recognition from people all over the world. The facts that they are amazing and terrifying at the same time mesmerizes so many people.

Twin Chihiro & Chieko’s love playing cosplay and nerdy adventures and do not have plans of stopping this any time soon.

Check their photos below.