Married Couple Make Amazing Food Sculptures

We’re sure that you will agree that in the right hands, food can be transformed into real art. Of course, there are many people who decorate their food before eating it, but this couple from Northwest Philadelphia has been making the most amazing sculptures out of food since 1995.  

Jim Victor, along with his wife Marie Pelton, makes life-like, intricate sculptures from a variety of foods. The creative duo have been working from their home studio for more than 20 years and they have a history of great achievements, such as making sculptures out of butter for state and county fairs and exhibitions, as well as for corporate and public relations events.  

Jim and Marie both graduated at the Sculpture Department of the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts. Jim’s first food work were chocolate portraits of Mickey Rooney and Ann Miller. He made them as a promotion for their Broadway show, Sugar Babes. Then, he made his first sculpture from butter for the Pennsylvania Farm Show in 1995. Marry began working with him in 2000, and they have been making spectacular food ever since. 

We have prepared a series of photos for you to introduce you to their amazing work!