How Instagram Changed The Life Of One Soulful Baker With Hypnotizing Desserts

Julie Jones, known as Soulful Baker, was just a woman in her early 30s when she realized she doesn’t enjoy her office life at all and decided to change her life path. She figured out what she loves the most – feeding people – so she graduated from a catering college in Carlisle. Soon after that she found out that she’s pregnant, and that her mom is showing early signs of dementia. 

She started an Instagram account in 2013, and with a little help from her friends figured out how to use hashtags. Soon enough, she had a small but fiercely supportive community of 100 people. Her mother’s condition wasn’t getting any better, so they began baking together as a form of therapy – just like when she was a child. She used Instagram to promote her creations, but also to talk and educate about Alzheimer’s and dementia.  

Today she has 120k followers on Instagram. Food 52 regrammed her lemon tart photo which picked up 75.819 likes, and 27.445 on her profile. She wrote the succesful book The Soulful baker, where she shares her tips on making heavenly delicious baked goods. She never thought that she’d be cooking with Jamie Oliver in London one day – but she did! 

Take a look at some of her gorgeous creations below!