New York Based Artist Gives New Meaning to Hyperrealism

With respect to many fields in life, so many people have stood out by following the general principle guiding the production of certain things. They, however, don’t stop there, but they add their own extras, which is what makes their results extraordinary, thereby making them outstanding.

This is the case of Tigran Tsitoghdzyan, a hyperrealism artist, whose works are shown here. Tigran who was born in Yerevan, Armenia started out his painting career at the age of five, and when he was ten years old, he already had 100 artworks ready for his first exhibition.

From his gallery, we can see how beautiful his artworks look. Probably the uniqueness of his works can be traced to the clever merging of the fingers with the faces of the images he’s drawn. This is really amazing, as one can see both the face and the fingers, all merged at one point.