Olga Prinku Makes Unique Flower Embroideries

Olga Prinku’s embroideries aren’t like anything we’ve ever seen. Using dried flowers instead of thread, she creates what is sometimes referred to as “botanical embroidery”—an altogether original technique of embroidery that Prinku teaches through classes and tutorials.

Her materials include flowers she collects and dries herself and more exotic specimens that are dried in advance. Those are threaded on tulle, arranged in pretty patterns and shapes. “A lot of my ideas come from going for walks in the countryside near where I live, or things I grow in the garden,” Prinku shared in an interview with The Italian Rêve, describing her creative process.

“I love working with the seasons,” she adds, “so whatever is in season is my favorite at that moment!” She admits she’s mostly drawn to pastel shades, though other colors are also peeking through.

“Some flowers are better than others for particular purposes,” explains Prinku. “For example, for floral embroidery hoops you want flowers with thin stalks and without particularly big heads. I’ve recently discovered you can dry small poppies and they seem to work well. Whereas for wreaths I like to use things like eucalyptus and olive, and I’ve started trying hydrangeas and peonies.”

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