Portraits of Cinema Directors Using Iconic Props from Their Films

Image by @fbabina / Instagram

Federico Babina is an Italian artist who is well known mostly for his architectural illustrations but is also a true film buff. His latest project DIRECTPORTRAIT consists of portraits of some of the most famous movie directors that are constructed of many elements of their films .

Babina has succeeded in reproducing everything that makes us recognize the face of each director, while incorporating totally “inhuman” elements which we do not notice at first when we look at the portrait as a whole. For example, in Steven Spielberg’s portrait there are obvious references to ET, Jaws and Jurassic Park, We could hint to details in each portrait, but it would probably quite more fun for true cinephiles to do find those hidden references on their own.

Babina describes his work as “a metaphor for cinema as a key component of the whole mosaic”. To highlight his process, he has even prepared a video in which portraits appear detail by detail, so if you know well enough the films referenced you can guess the director even before his face appears on the screen.