Rob Strati’s “Fragmented” Series Gives New Life to Broken Plates

The only thing you can do with a broken plate is throw it in the trash, right? Well, in his intriguing series Fragmented, artist Rob Strati shows that some broken plates can be given a new life in the form of artwork.

In Fragmented, Strati creates captivating scenes that are partially shown on the plate and partially drawn on paper with ink. The artist builds on the image shown on the plate, imagining the expansion of the story it tells.

According to Strati, he started with this unique project after a kitchen accident that saw his late mother-in-law’s plate getting broken. Due to the sentimental value of the plate, the family didn’t want to throw it away, so it remained on the kitchen island for a few months.

Seeing the plate every day, Strati started thinking about the stories that happened beyond the scenes shown on the plate. He decided to take it to his studio, at which point an idea of Fragmented started coming to life.

“One day, I picked up a pen and started working on “Fragmented,” exploring the possibilities of things broken and the stories that can evolve from them,” he shared in an interview with deMilked.

Since then, Strati has created a number of Fragmented artworks, using plates he received from friends and fans of his works. He shares the newest pieces on his social media while also exhibiting them in art galleries. Check out more of them below.