This Twitter Page is Photoshopping Paddington Into Iconic Movie Scenes

If you’re a firm believer that Paddington is a cinematic masterpiece and wish he would pop up in other movies and TV shows—you’re not alone. Guided by this idea, Jay the Chou started a viral Twitter page where he’s Photoshopping the beloved British bear into some of the most iconic movie scenes of all time.

When he first embarked on this journey about two years ago, Jay pledged he’ll Photoshop Paddington into a movie, game, or TV show until he forgets, and he’s still going strong. 700 days later, he’s still sharing a new photo with the world almost every day, and he attracted over 330,000 followers to his Twitter page @jaythechou.

If you’re looking at his Twitter page and wondering “Why Paddington?”, that’s pretty easy to explain. First of all, it’s a freaking amazing movie and its sequel is even better—it even held 100% approval on Rotten Tomatoes, beating Citizen Kane!

The second reason is that similar Photoshopped images of Paddington already found success following the release of the first movie. Creepy Paddington memes were all the rage back in 2014, with people Photoshopping our favorite bear into iconic horror movies. Jay the Chou simply decided to branch out and not be limited by a genre, putting Paddington in every movie and TV show that comes to mind.