Everyone on TikTok is Obsessed With This Doggy Daycare Bus From Alaska

Taking care of a whole pack of dogs isn’t an easy task, but one couple from Alaska came up with a creative way to get it done. Mo and Lee Thompson found viral fame with their dog-walking business Mo Mountain Mutts once they started sharing videos from their doggy daycare bus.

Mo Mountain Mutts operates in Skagway, Alaska, but its founder Mo Thompson never expected it to become this huge. Mo was initially just walking her friend’s dog during her lunch breaks, but it didn’t take too long for the word to spread around and many local teachers asked for her help.

After some time, Mo was taking care of so many dogs that she had to ask her husband Lee to jump in. They separated the dogs into two packs, based on personality, and eventually decided to buy a bus from a local business that could fit them all.

Before taking the pups for a walk, they pick them up with their bus from different locations. Each comes with a seatbelt, and the dogs are well-trained so they have no trouble sitting down and enjoying the ride. The videos of dogs boarding the bus became a viral sensation on TikTok, and one of them crossed 50 million views.

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