Federico Babina Creates Minimalistic Wire Portraits of Famous Figures From History

Italian graphic designer and architect Federico Babina’s series of portraits, “Wirefaces,” proves that people don’t need much to recognize the most famous figures from history. Despite being done in a minimalistic way with wires and a handful of other shapes, the subjects in the artworks are instantly familiar.

The unusual series is a result of Babina’s constant pursuit of new ways to express his creativity. He isn’t afraid to change his style or dive into different types of artmaking if he feels so, and as a result, he is creating some impressive works.

In Wirefaces, he explores his fascination with geometrical shapes and colors while taking on familiar subjects to channel it. This includes musician David Bowie, revolutionary figure Che Guevara, scientist Albert Einstein, and several others.

“In an attempt to reach the linguistic essence of telling a face, these portraits are depleted of matter, the changing shadows are part of the composition, and the voids carry an expressive meaning,” explains Babina.

Besides 2D illustrations, Babina has reworked his Wirefaces into 3D sculptures with the help of 3D artist Daniel Giordano. These sculptures were created in a way that they are constantly changing according to the observer’s point of view. You can check them in the video below.