Russian Baker Designs Cakes With Secret Gardens and Edible Galaxies

There have been so many outstanding cakes that highlight the beauty of nature. From geode inspired icing to buttercream flowers, we have seen it all. However, bakers are getting more creative. They now make desserts that are not only tasty but beautiful to look at.

Yulia Kedyarova, a Russian baker, is one of the talented artists whose sculptural cakes feature amazing designs that highlight the cosmos as well as other living things on earth. Some of her top-notch pieces feature galaxies, multi-coloured planets on a swirl of beautiful icing.

Some other designs feature lots of perfectly piped leaves, rose petals and butterflies with minimal icing. The designs reveal secret gardens. This artist has also created edible geodes which are completely edible and glitter with jewel hues. Her work shows boundless imagination, and incredible skill and her thousands of followers agree with us.

See the pictures below.

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