Sirin Thada’s Creative Exploration Will Bring You Joy

Sirin Thada’s creative passion sparked early on. She remembers being an inquisitive child, the sort that never leaves the house without a book to read, and paper and pens to draw with. But finding her creative voice was a whole other ballpark, and Thada’s career path turned out to be a meandering one.

After earning her Masters of Science in Journalism from Columbia University, she went on to study design and illustration at the Fashion Institute of Technology. But eventually, she came back to illustration. Based in Manhattan, her creative process is continually evolving with her work including both commissions and personal projects, as well as a line of T-shirts and prints sold on her website.

“I love the variety,” admitted Thada in an interview with Catapult. “I love the fact that every project is a different challenge. I love that I get to read brilliant articles and vivid stories, collaborate and connect with thoughtful and kind people, and learn new things all the time.”

“There are always new techniques or media to try, new paths to explore, new ways of thinking and seeing and appreciating,” she went on to say. “Every moment in life becomes a treasure hunt for inspiration—even something as mundane as walking my pup, Indie, through the park becomes a seed for an idea or a spark for a vision.”

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