SJ Allen’s Photo Studio is in Her Backyard and the Photos Are Stunning

Australia-based photographer SJ Allen shows us that you don’t have to be on the road all the time to be able to create beautiful nature and wildlife photographer. This busy mom decided to turn her backyard into a studio instead.

“I’ve long had a dream to be a wildlife and nature photographer skipping around on Antarctic icebergs and snapping exotic species hidden deep in forests,” she says. “However, when I became a mum I had to face up the fact that I not only didn’t have the luxury of traveling to those places, but I often only had an hour or two at difficult times of the day to shoot like in the midday sun. So I decided to change my front and back yards to create the type of images I wanted to shoot.”

In order to attract local bees and birds, she planted many native Australian plants. You can see her work below.