Rhino Becomes Friends with an Unlikely Creature

Kittens are amazing animals. They are friendly and like humans, are emotional creatures. They show their affection in different ways. It can be by sitting on the persons’ laps or rubbing their bodies on them. Also, cats can be very playful.

Rhinos, on the other hand, are bigger animals. They have an intimidating size that is capable of scaring away predators. Rhinos are potentially dangerous animals, and their actions could be unpredictable. They don’t have a strong sense of sight, and this can make them act in unpredictable manners.

Mia, the kitten in this video, has gotten its’ tail bitten off by a rhino, but not this same rhino. In this short video, one can see the kitten rubbing itself against the rhino affectionately despite its past awful experience with another rhino. The rhino itself, called Emilka, seems to be comfortable with the kitty’s presence.

This is really amazing, as the kitten could still trust itself to another rhino, notwithstanding its’ past tragic experience with a different rhino.