The Famous 7-year-old Guitarist From Slovakia

Áron Hodek developed a unique interest in bass guitar at the age of 3. Prior to that, Áron was not allowed into his brother’s room Dávid, who is a musician because he was too young, and his parents were afraid he would hurt himself on the stairs.

The day he entered the room, he was attracted to the bass guitar and is brother Dávid put it down for him, taught him the basics of playing, and he immediately started playing a simple groove despite the fact that the guitar was bigger than him, he still found his way around it.

Now, Áron is 7 years old and he has performed in top-flight shows, met with award-winning artists and gained recognition from Grammy-winning artist.

On his Instagram page, Áron’s family regularly publishes videos showing his improvement and skills on his bass guitar to his 149k followers, and it is amazing what a 7-year-old can do with the right training and guidance. He has also delved into production and it is safe to say that Áron was born for music.

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