Small California Company Makes Soap Shaped Like Fortune Cookies

Fortune cookies and soap probably aren’t two words you often get to hear in the same sentence, but one tiny family-owned company from California came up with the idea to mix them together and ended up creating something truly amazing.

Fortune Cookie Soap started as a passion project before turning into a legitimate business, and soaps shaped like fortune cookies quickly became their staple product. You’ll have to look twice before realizing they’re not the real deal because each one is beautifully decorated and incredibly realistic.

Despite their tiny size, you can get roughly 50 hand washes from each soap before it breaks down. The only downside is that you won’t find an inspirational message inside, but these faux fortune cookies are still pretty adorable.

Fortune cookie-shaped soaps are just one of many products that this California-based company has in store. They have soaps shaped like many other of our favorite sweet treats, including donuts, ice cream, and cookie dough.