Stephanie Kilgast Turns Trash Into Nature-Inspired Sculptures

Stephanie Kilgast is a France-based artist who creates intriguing sculptures that aim to reflect the broken relationship between humans and nature. In order to achieve her goal, Kilgast takes trash like cans and plastic bottles and transforms them into “colorful organic” artworks.

These sculptures are part of her ongoing series Discarded Objects, with which Kilgast attempts to raise environmental awareness and influence people to make peace with nature. She considers her works to have a cheerful message despite the gritty undertone, as they serve as a reminder that nature can recoup its shine if it’s left alone.

According to Kilgast’s official website, “her work has a cheerful post-apocalyptic feel to it, a reassuring reminder that nature has the capacity to grow back, if we only let it.”

Check out some of her sculptures below.