Meet Finley Molloy: An Adorable Golden Retriever Obsessed With Tennis Balls

Puppies enjoy playing around with all sorts of things, and tennis balls are Finley Molloy’s absolute favorite. This adorable Golden Retriever loves them so much that he’s on his way to breaking the record for fitting the most tennis balls in his mouth.

Finley has lived with Cheri and Rob Molloy in Canandaigua, Ontario County since he was a 10-week-old puppy. Their daughter Erin was the one who brought him home, and his owners went on to discover he has an unusual hidden talent.

Like most of the dogs of his breed, Finley enjoyed playing fetch, and Cheri made sure she has a tennis ball in her pockets every time they went out. After some time, they noticed he enjoys catching tennis balls in his mouth even when they’re not playing with him—and he wouldn’t stop at one.

Finley’s owners say he can fit a total of six tennis balls in his mouth, which means he’s eligible for Guinness World Record. They’re on their way to getting his accomplishment officially recognized since the current record holder fit five tennis balls in his mouth—one less than Finley.

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