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Gemma Correll’s Cartoons Are the Meaning of Relatable

Cartoonist, writer, and illustrator, Gemma Correll, is known for her whimsical pug cartoons, that are printed on almost anything, from t-shirts, and tea towels to greeting cards and books.

Artist Draws Modern Versions of Cartoon Characters

The artist known as tatimoons creates new versions of our favorite cartoon characters and posts them on Instagram, where she has over 310,000 followers. Sometimes, she changes the character’s...

These Futuristic Cartoons are Funny, But Also a Little Sad

Online magazine Futurism publishes a sketch every week imagining the life in the future. At first glance, the cartoons are funny, but when you think about it, they often criticise the society...

Life With Dog Represented as Real as it Gets

Gemma Gené and her pug Mochi are true Instagram stars! Over 150,000 people follow Gemma's work that's heavily influenced by her adorable pet. She once explained how it all began: "I missed...


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