Talented Artist Photoshops Celebrities Next To Their Younger Selves

What would you do to have a picture of you as you are right now taken with your younger self?

You’d do everything, we’d bet.

Unfortunately, that’s just not possible. Time travel doesn’t exist just yet. However, if you’re a celebrity, you might be able to get Ard Gelinck to do something about it.

The Netherlands-based artist created the “Time Travelling” project where he photoshops popular artists and celebrities as they are right now and places them beside their younger selves, using his talent and skill to create something that looks like a photo that was just taken recently.

When you take a look at the photos yourself, we wouldn’t be surprised if you thought that the celebrities were taking a photo with their parents or a sibling.

That’s just how realistic the Photoshop edits of Ard Gelinck are.

Amazing, nostalgic, and breath taking, it’s no wonder that Ard Gelinck’s works go viral every time he posts something up as his follower count, which is at 166k followers right now, keeps on growing.

Simply stunning, is the phrase we’d use to describe his work.

Be sure to scroll down below to be amazed by Ard Gelinck’s mastery of Photoshop.