The Botanical Paper Art of Stephanie Redlinger

It’s hard not to be amazed by Stephanie Redlinger’s paper art. Working primarily with paper, specifically fine crepe paper, she handcrafts flowers, plants, and mushrooms with highly realistic results.

“I’ve always loved paper,” she told Ballpitmag. “I love the tactile feel of good paper. The smell of old paper. The myriad forms paper can take. I also love that paper often seems ephemeral and delicate, but under the right circumstances, it can last lifetimes.”

Redlinger’s love of paper came to life in 2015, when she made her very first paper flowers for her wedding bouquet and husband’s boutonniere. Jump ahead to a couple of years later when she participated in a paper flower making workshop taught by Tiffanie Turner and fully immersed herself in the craft.

Based in Boulder, Colorado, with her husband, two kids, and their dog, Redlinger is continuously inspired by her natural surroundings. “There’s a lot of open space around my home in Colorado, and I love watching the colors of the landscape change throughout the seasons,” she says.

Step inside her paper garden: