The Dynamic Illustrations of Rune Fisker

Illustrator and animator Rune Fisker creates a movement where there is none. His illustrations – colorful and dynamic – twist and turn, creating an illusion of movement that draws the viewer inside.

In an interview with The Association of Illustrators, Fisker highlighted the importance of movement when creating both his still and animated works. “A lot more preparation goes into making an animated illustration,” he stressed. “First of all you have to plan what parts of the illustration you want to move, and keep in mind that it has to loop; all of this has to be thought out in the sketch phase so you don’t end up with an illustration that looks good as a still but doesn’t work as a moving piece.”

According to Fisker, “when you make a traditionally still illustration you can have a super big mess of digital layers without it being a problem. But with an animated illustration, there’s one more step after you have made illustration: making it move, so it’s important to have all the elements divided into a neat layer structure which you can then bring into After Effects.”

Born and raised in Denmark, Fisker now runs his own animation company, Benny Box, along with his brother Esben. With clients as big as Apple, Google, The New Yorker, and the New York Times, and more than 50k followers on Instagram, it’s clear that people are taking note.

Here are some of his more dynamic works: