Lucy Poskitt’s Textiles Walk the Line Between Traditional and Contemporary Art

Lucy Poskitt’s textile works aren’t kept enclosed in their domestic realm. The Canadian textile artist has exhibited her work around the world, as well as taught tapestry workshops across Canada to hundreds of students. Describing herself as a contemporary weaver, Poskitt walks the line between traditional image-based tapestry and yardage weaving.

Having studied within the Interdisciplinary Program of the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design University and the New York Studio Program, she focused on several disciplines: weaving, art history, printmaking, and installation art – all which inform her tapestry work and teaching philosophy today.

Her work calls for a looser, more experimental approach, and she admits that she very rarely uses a sketchbook, preferring a more intuitive approach to art. “For prep work, I’ll often start with a simple image in my mind or a photograph which then leads me to a palette,” she explained in an interview with Textile Artist. “I’ll also do some random shape collages if I’m feeling very stuck for inspiration, basically just shuffling roughly cut scraps of colored paper around on a black background until I come up with a sequence that ‘works’.”

As for her inspiration, she is informed by her environment as well as the lore surrounding it. “I’m always inspired by my surrounding landscapes,” she relayed. “I feel very fortunate to have lived all across this huge country, literally from coast to coast and in between, and I still draw inspiration from my memories of these places.”

Take a look at some of her incredible works:

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Ok here's #myloomstory for you about my most recent acquisition (the behemoth at the back)! Thank you @westdomestic for asking – I'd love to hear more of these! Late one night I'm trawling the classifieds, looking for a job and I figure heywhynot see what pops up when I search for "loom". I need another like a need a hole in my head BUT one never knows when their *dream loom* will turn up! And LO AND BEHOLD someone had just posted the very exact dreeeeaaaam loom I thought I'd never ever find. (It's a 60" Leclerc Tissart- no longer in production) The next day I mentioned to my wonderful boss at @urbansourcevancouver that I'd seen this loom and I loved it although I knew it was not the right time to purchase it (we were moving from Vancouver-Victoria in less than a month)… and she offered to buy it for me as a parting gift. 😢There were a lot of tears. So – a couple of days after we moved into our new house we went and picked it up from an old guy that wasn't using it anymore. I disassembled and reassembled it myself IN OUR ATTIC (I hauled those beams up a ladder, yep.) without any instructions (!!!!!), which makes me think that we were truly meant to be together. I still have yet to warp it (hahaha shhhh), but I'm excited that it already contains so much meaning and history to me — I know whatever I'll create on it will be super special. Use the hashtag and share your own story! . . . . . #weaving #loom #victoria #usedvictoria #vancouver #yvr #yyj #vancouverisland #victoriabc #vanisle #textiles #fibreart #tapestry #decor #studio #studiospace #atticstudio #attic #homedecor

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