The Paper Pokemons of Tomly Hui

Image via tomlyhui/Instagram

“Papercraft” is the art of building “3D paper models”. The pepakura or papercraft is a method of designing objects in 3 dimensions, similar to origami. Its main difference with origami lies in the fact that, here, we use several sheets of paper that must be cut with a cutter and glued together.

For years, Pokemon has inspired artists around the world. Tomly Hui is a jewelry designer from Hong Kong who offers us a series of Pokemon made of paper. From Krabby through Ducklett and Blastoise to Pikachu, this paper enthusiast makes models that will delight fans of the Pokemon universe launched in 1996. The artist also creates lots of other paper sculptures and miniature figures including a paper recreation of the Winged Victory but his Pokemon collection remains the most iconic.