The Visual Poetry of Sonia Alins

Sonia Alins describes her work as “visual poetry”—a visual exploration of thoughts and feelings, dreams and nightmares. Born in Spain, where she spent most of her life in close proximity to the Mediterranean sea, Alins’ work is very much inspired by seawater, incorporating translucent elements into her illustrations.

“I was born near the Mediterranean sea and the influence of it and water in my culture is something defining,” she relayed in a candid interview with Brown Paper Bag. “I guess it’s part of my DNA,” she says. “The truth is that the sea has always been present in my life and has transmitted a special and positive energy to me.”

Indeed, most of her work seems to revolve around water, and the ways in which humans (and especially women) interact with it, treating the water as both a physical and metaphorical element. According to Alins, her aim is that, through the physical relationship between the characters and the aquatic medium, the viewer can experience the characters’ emotions, be it anguish, fear, sorrow or joy.

“The protagonists of my works interact with this mass of water where they are immersed and, there, their feelings are amplified, their shouts are heard louder, their desperation is felt more profoundly… But also, when they are calm, it feels like a more rewarding emotion too,” she notes. Follow her work on Instagram: