These Illustrations are Inspired By Russian Folklore

According to illustrator and designer, Dinara Mirtalipova, art communicates emotions. “It can tell stories and paint a mood,” she reflected once in an interview with the Sak. Born in Tashkent, Uzbekistan, and currently based in Ohio, Mirtalipova has come to be recognized for her distinct style of illustration. Describing herself as a folklorist, her folk-inspired illustrations feature a heavy dose of flowers, animals, and hand lettering.

“I feel my art has a sense of nostalgia,” says Mirtalipova, “it’s folkloric and musical. When I paint my stories, I like them to communicate positive energy, to be bright and colorful, to bring joy and to spread joy.” Though she works from her home studio in snowy Sagamore Hills, Uzbek and Russian folklore serve a constant source of inspiration.

Surprisingly, Mirtalipova studied first Computer Science, before following her passion and transitioning into a career in the arts. Completely self-taught in illustration and design, her creative process includes carving lino blocks and painting with gouache and acrylics.

“Only after I grew up and graduated from the field of computer science, I realized I couldn’t stop painting,” she explains. “To my surprise, I began receiving commissions to draw and design for people and companies. And after my client list grew I decided it was time to concentrate on art professionally.”

You’ll want to follow her creative journey via Instagram.