Big Brother’s Dem and Ika Post Funny Prank Videos

Image via ikaanddem on Instagram

Demetres Giannitsos and Ika Wong are a hilarious YouTube couple people love to watch. The two met on reality show Big Brother Canada 5 back in 2017 and have been together ever since. Their YouTube career began one year later with a Q&A video. Three years later, they have reached more than 36 million views.

Their content is funny and enjoyable. The celebrity couple post videos about their lives, talk about their relationship, do challenges, reactions and pranks. Dem and Ika are currently living in Toronto, Canada in their newly bought home.

According to the comments posted on their videos, viewers are all about Ika’s altitude. Born in Montego Bay, Jamaica, Ika is funny, dresses well, and likes to dance… But when Dem or her firstborn son Rashaud does something “ugly”, she shows her “claws”. 

The fun couple has recently traveled to Greece, to Dem’s homeland, and Ika was firing back with a hilarious prank that broke her partner’s heart. She convinced him that she was fed up with Greece and wants to get back home. And his reaction was more than funny.

In their last video, they took a pregnancy test on camera, only to find out that they were not pregnant. They had mixed emotions about the news.

Enjoy the hilarious videos below!