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These Illustrations are Inspired By Russian Folklore

According to illustrator and designer, Dinara Mirtalipova, art communicates emotions. “It can tell stories and paint a mood," she reflected once in an interview with the Sak. Born in...

Cover Your Feed in Floral Patterns

The weather is nice and staying home is hard. We get it. But thanks to Jess Phoenix, you can enjoy spring throughout the entire year. Based in Seattle, the...

This Illustrator is Inspired by Eastern Cultures and Feminine Beauty

Illustrator Sasha Ignatiadou treats the creative process as a form of meditation - one that requires a certain headspace and involves a practice of reflection. “At the moment I’m...

Aitch’s Colorful Patterns are Pure Eye Candy

Reader beware! Looking at the detailed patterns in front of you could result in getting lost. Romanian artist, simply known as Aitch, creates captivating illustrations...

Man Organizes Food and Other Objects into Satisfying Patterns

If you like neatly organized things, then you'll love the works of Adam Hillman. This visual artist, who calls himself "object arranger," enjoys organizing food and other objects into satisfying patterns.


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