This Artist Creates Beautiful Tiny Portraits on Shopping Receipts

Nowadays, artists use all sorts of things as their canvases. A human body, Starbucks cup, chairs, walls, etc. – all have been transformed into remarkable art pieces. But, have you ever seen a portrait done on a shopping receipt? If not, then keep on scrolling!

Michael Moccia is the name behind this brilliant idea. The 22-year-old Italian artist came up with an idea to use everyday shopping receipts to demonstrate his amazing painting skills. He creates tiny portraits using pencils and brushes that feature a variety of different things.

Beautiful landscapes, portraits of animals, celebrities, images of plants to replicas of popular paintings like the Sunflowers, Girl With a Pearl Earring and so on.

He shares his creations on his Instagram account where he has attracted more than 88.4k followers and has thousands of likes on each post. If you are interested to see his work, check out the gallery below.

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