This Brand Makes Custom Gifts Meant to Last

Now more than ever is time to appreciate our loved ones, and though this appreciation doesn’t have to be materialistic in nature, a small keepsake doesn’t hurt. Yvonne Leung knows best. A designer and maker, she runs Hereafter, a brand meant to provide lasting reminders of special people and treasured connections through custom-made keepsakes.

“Before we create an item, we ask ourselves, ‘Is this something that will last and that somebody will treasure,?'” explained Leung in an interview with the Etsy blog. “I surf a lot and when I see trash in nature, it breaks my heart. We really make our products thoughtfully and with care.”

Made primarily from organic and sustainable materials, mainly wood, Hereafter’s products include laser-cut wooden stationery and boxes inscribed with personal messages. “People come to us for anniversaries, birthdays, new babies, and weddings,” explained Leung. “Or for the holidays, when they want something memorable for somebody they love.”

Based in Los Angeles studio, Leung is inspired by the beautiful California landscape, the relationships she holds dear, and above all – love. Here are some of the products she offers.