This Brave Chicken is Sailing Around The World With Her Human

The world really is a very big place, full of jaw-dropping landscapes, hidden locations, an overwhelming number of humans and one very courageous chicken, determined to travel all around the world!

Monique is a red hen from the Canary Islands and probably the only chicken that knows how to sail. She loves flying fish and her dream is to come as close to the South and the North Pole as possible – well, according to her human Guirec Soudée, whom she met when she was only 6 month old, and together they started their adventure of a lifetime.

Guirec is a young Frenchman who likes to sail across the world and needed someone to accompany him on his maritime escapades. Adopting a dog or a cat was also an option, but since they demand a great deal of attention and care, the more independent hen was a perfect match. The amazing duo travels together to different cool locations, and the curious Monique enjoys every minute of it. Guirec is very careful to bring her inside whenever the weather goes bad. At the beginning he was worried that Monique may not lay eggs due to stress, but the courageous bird actually lays six eggs a week, and is not giving up on her sailing adventures anytime soon.

Check some awesome snaps of their adventures below.