This Dog is Known as the “Butterfly King” and the Reason Why is Adorable

Milo is a handsome Toller Retriever who loves butterflies. He is so in love with these colorful and gentle creatures that he lets them rest on his nose. Not just that, but he lets his mom take beautiful images, which she shares on Instagram.

He was fascinated with them since the beginning. The first thing he does when he gets released into the garden is checking on his butterflies. Then he lays down right by where they are and lets them land on his nose.

But not just that, he is a doggo model who likes posing for his mom. Besides letting his buddies play with him, Milo also loves sticking his nose in flowers. He is so special, and one thing is for sure: he does not have allergies to pollen.

Recently he has been on a trip to see his mom and brother. But as soon as he got home, the first thing he did was to say “hello” to his big buddy, the monarch butterfly.

Nicknamed as “Butterfly King“ on social media, the canine also shares yummy but healthy dog snack recipes on his accounts.

Check out the gallery below to see Milo’s adorable photos. Which one is your favorite?