This Guy Petting His Pet Dog Will Make Your Day

While there’s certainly nothing wrong with photos of lovers taking each other to god knows where, it can get a little too old, especially if everybody’s doing it.

Thankfully, Honza Řeháček is there to break the monotony of it all.

Co-founder of Wolfmate, Honza is a bit of a dog person himself. In fact, he owns one of the more unique dog breeds in the world in the form of Sitka, who is a wolf dog. And, because he’s quite the adventurous kind, he decided to hit three birds with one stone by constantly posting photos of him petting Sitka as he travels to beautiful locations all over.

Honza, who is also a freelance photographer by trade, definitely knows how to take good photos. But, his photos certainly won’t be the same without his faithful companion, Sitka.

Honza constantly updates his Instagram feed with photos of him petting Sitka, which is just plain adorable.

Be sure to scroll down to see more photos of Honza petting Sitka in various places. Although, we’d have to warn you, things can get pretty intensely cute, so scroll down at your own risk.

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Funny series 😁🐺 Which one is your fav?

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